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 Post subject: 2018, I want to have a such home with you.
PostPosted: 11 Jan 2018, 03:41 

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<p>Believe to believe the home more very much in other perhaps public those who installed a floor board, had encountered more or less walk on the floor to appear " creak creaks " noise, it is high-heeled shoes or small leather shoes no matter, even some sneaker also are met, it is aggravating very. This sound can affect excellent person to rest normally not only, still can affect the working environment that office place works in the same place, serious meeting lets be agitated of person state of mind. But small make up still like to listen to this audio quite, especially occasionally oneself wear high-heeled shoes, listening to noise to feel very cheerful (feel small to make up stranger flower, with a ha breath out) , so this floor " phonate " how does the problem want to solve? See ~ downward please</p>

<p>The floor walks " creak " , " creak " noisy, what reason causes want to know, that is about to see the sound that give out is how noisy law, if a certain place steps on one foot to ring, walk to ring again again, successive and such, that affirmation is wood did not secure between earthworm and ground wood tenon, or wooden tenon material is qualitative too soft not demanding, be pulled by earthworm be reached. </p>

<p>If a certain place walks to be able to have voice sometimes, do not have sometimes, this kind of state is the reason of the broach aperture that floor hammer is less than real wood floor mostly, there is the space that become loose to cause between flooey of floor male and female, (also matter with floor itself quality) , after half other people is decorated, the floor when walking can give out noise more or less, be the position differs only. </p>

<p>Method of processing floor soniferous is very few, after even if is handled, alleviate problem, still cannot effect a radical cure thoroughly. </p>

<p>Should effect a radical cure thoroughly have an idea, tighten solid earthworm afresh, reshipment floor, that takes a lot of work really the thing that expenses stuff has a headache, everybody is willing to counterattack reshipment. Before installing earthworm and floor board only, pay attention to the following craft and method, floor won't sound: </p>

<p>1, the stiletto of head of electric hammer drill that 12mm uses commonly before installing earthworm, so the tamp of quadrate wood tenon that wooden tenon at least wants 18-20mm above ability is useful, cannot dig next hole very easily, cross wooden tenon a few days one dry systole. </p>

<p>2, the wooden tenon material of tamper ground should compare earthworm material to pledge character hard, force of lumber hard systole is small, earthworm plays wooden tenon not easily pull, maintain firm sex. </p>

<p>3, levels of some ground of a room differ several centimeter high, at this moment carpenter master can fill up stopper of form of a few knives or three-ply and so on below earthworm, assure earthworm standard, must not forget at this moment, block up between the earthworm of 2.5 centimeter above, must want to hit short earthworm to be secured each other, prevent earthworm left and right sides to shake Huang swings, in order to make sure earthworm level off is firm. </p>

<p>4, when installing bore of real wood floor, bore diameter must be nailed than the floor small, such floors just take a tack. </p>

<p>5, metope all around the floor systole of 1 centimeter above seams obligate, expand with avoiding climate change or floor moisture content to not agree with an arch, this bit of most person knows. </p>

<p>Often say detail decides success or failure, in the person eye that does not understand above was like it seems that at 5 o'clock is not so important, but the problem often goes to go up in the little detail that is not paid attention to by people. Take these detail ability seriously to assure the quality of floor laid only, hope to after looking, can be helped somewhat to everybody. </p>
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